The Oyster Place Card
The Oyster Place Card

The Oyster Place Card

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In lieu of traditional place cards, why not greet guests with a personalized oyster shell, which doubles as a thoughtful keepsake for your guests when the party retires. Place atop menus at each seat for more intimate weddings or display as part of a grand seating chart plan at the entrance to your dream reception!


Next specify your wording preference and color choice

ONE word (name)

TWO words (first and last name OR one name + table number)

THREE words (first and last name and table number)


1. ONE name / Natural / Black /

2. THREE words (2 names + table #) / Gold / Black /

NOTE: The average size of each shell is comparable to a traditional place card measuring approx. 2-3" in length. Size and shape of each natural shell will vary.

Please feel free to send a message with questions or to inquire about custom requests not listed – the world is your oyster!